Wednesday, August 12, 2009

United States Natural Gas Technical Analysis, (Part 4)

Natural Gas Technical Chart: Who is making money in natural gas? nobody. Unless you are already went short or you are day-trader or gamblers who have taken high risk and jumped in under neath the major support line(12.70).

The blue circles show bear traps. As you see in the chart bears who were late in party got crushed and caused two big shortsqueezes in recent weeks.
We are beneath the major support (12.70). If UNG fails to move above 12.70 with in next 2 days, it is going to retest 11.90 . Light blue lines shows a short term uptrend channel but you can't count on it, that much.
Big picture is very bearish for natural gas, and fundamentals do not support higher price, as I said many times before do not gamble with your money wait for big guys to find the bottom.