Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Real Non-farm Payrolls Data Was 669000

As you heard on Friday August 7th non-farm payrolls was better than expected. It improved from -467000 in previous month to -247000 ,but here is the catch, those crooks who call them selves TV anchor didn't tell you that the reason we got a better than expected data was due to huge drop in number of people who gave up and no longer are looking for job. Yes you heard it right 422000 people stopped looking for job. Otherwise the nonfarm payrolls data should be -669000,(247000+422000=669000).

As you see in the chart above column #10 shows the non-farm payrolls in month of July the red column is -247000 the announced data, and yellow column shows the real data (-669000).

That's why I never trust the information that I get from talking heads on TV. Be smart do your own research. You can easily extract any data online.