Friday, September 25, 2009

Some Thoughts On Recent Market Move

In the last two days we witnessed profit taking and institutional selling, Please pay attention to 1050-1040 if S&P500 breaks these levels you should be very concern, and go to cash.
If this rally wants to continue S&P500 must move above 1066 . As you know NASDAQ is the leader in this rally it has failed to stay above 2155. If you take a look at NASDAQ chart you will see 2155 acted as major support back in July and March of 2008. As I anticipated 2155 should be the top. It becomes major resistance " NASDAQ Forecast End-month Update (Aug) ".You should keep an eye on 2155 if bulls have any steam left they must push the NASDAQ above 2155.

Please note My forecast in regard of the U.S. dollar hitting the bottom seems to become reality " U.S. Dollar Technical Analysis (Part 5) ". If dollar start to move higher we should see a huge short-squeeze in dollar, and sharp drop in equity market. Pay attention to 77.11-77.20 as possible resistance for dollar.