Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stop The Fed, Quantitative Easing = More banks bailout

I know most of you don't even bother to read the news and you don't care about politics, but we need to wake up. These idiots cannot do this to our country. I listened to Ben Bernanke chairman of the United States Federal Reserve speech on Friday. He is determined to start the second round of quantitative easing(QE2). You are not patriotic if you wouldn't grab a phone and call your legislature. This madness must be stopped.

EQ won't work, as I explained in my previous articles Japan has been doing it over a decade, look at the Japanese debt-to-GDP ratio (it is approaching 200%), look at the Nikkei-225 performance it is down near 75% from its pick. It is clear it did not work for them; it won't work for us either.

This madness must be stopped.